Paragliders and Hang Gliders

Watercolor painting of paragliders and hang glidersLast year, I visited the Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, New Hampshire and went on a tandem hang gliding flight. It was amazing! I highly recommend it if that kind of thing is up your alley. I started this sketch at that time after the flight while I watched people learning how to hang glide and paraglide, but I never finished it until recently.

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Paint first, outline later

Watercolor illustration of girlThis was something new and scary for me! I was watching a video of someone doing some freehand painting, some of which they added black outlines and details to after the fact. After my character design attempt from yesterday where, while I did a pencil drawing first, I then painted first before adding the outline, I thought I might want to try some freehand painting.

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An attempt at character design

Comic illustration of a personSo, while I want to improve at drawing “real” things – people, animals, nature, architecture, etc – my main interest in art has been in animation, comics, and illustration. A lot of that requires me to draw from my imagination and create my own designs.  Drawing from a reference photo and trying to replicate it in a drawing is “safe” for me – but creating characters is quite scary.

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A Cheap Lantern

Watercolor painting of electric lantern

I did not wake up thinking, “Today I will draw a cheap lantern.” But sometimes, when your day is packed, you have to seek out an opportunity to get some drawing in. In my case, I had a full day, and in the evening, I found myself manning a tent with a group that I volunteer with at a local festival. We had a couple tables set up and some cheap lanterns for when it got dark (actually, the others were good, but this one was pretty cheap). I’d brought some drawing supplies since I was going to be there for at least a few hours.

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Painting of a tree

Watercolor painting of a tree

Like the painting yesterday, I used my Pelikan watercolor set again. I quickly scanned through this youtube tutorial to get a handle on how to approach painting a tree. I used about 4 different shades of green for the foliage, and basically 2 shades of brown for the trunk and branches, with a bit of green mixed in for shadows. I need to try painting more trees! I think figuring out where the lighting is coming from can be a challenge for me in any drawing or painting, so I’d like to try that again. This tree came out looking a bit boxy, but for a first attempt it’s pretty cool.