Inktober: Ring

Painting of Saturn in Black InkI think my posts for Inktober are going to be a bit delayed depending on my access to a scanner, but here is my drawing/painting for the first prompt: Ring. I decided to try a quick drawing of Saturn, which turned into a painting, but it’s done entirely in black ink (with a bit of white ink for the moons of Saturn).

I used small drawing pad of mine that was not well suited for the wet ink wash I did. I also used Winsor and Newton’s black Indian ink and some Higgins white ink.

Weekend inky drawings: Baby Rhino, Goldfish, Pluto & a Hand

Baby Rhinoceros in Ink, 10.18.15

Baby Rhinoceros in Ink, 10.18.15

This was a productive drawing weekend for me!  Well, at least Friday & Sunday were – Saturday not so much, but I was busy costume shopping.

On Sunday, I finished up my rhinoceros drawing (you can compare with the WIP version here).  It’s a baby rhino, by the way, if his horn looks unusually small.  I was pretty pleased with the WIP as I left it, but I wanted to try adding more shading.  Of course, I was scared of ruining it, but I at least had that scan saved if I felt bad about the finished drawing.  Over all, though, while I didn’t add a ton more detail, I think this one came out pretty well.  I probably could have added more?  I don’t know. Continue reading