Meeting Frog

Meeting Frog, 5.25.17

Meeting Frog, 6.5.17

Well, well, well! Look who’s back! Yes, it is I. My goal to update every week fell by the wayside, but in my defense, I’m now a full-time student in addition to working full-time+, so it was hard to stick to that goal during the spring semester. However, I should have some time this summer and hope to update the blog a bit more over the next few months. In fact, I should have a series of posts coming out over the next 5-6 days to showcase some stuff that I have recently been working on while on vacation.

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Weekend inky drawings: Baby Rhino, Goldfish, Pluto & a Hand

Baby Rhinoceros in Ink, 10.18.15

Baby Rhinoceros in Ink, 10.18.15

This was a productive drawing weekend for me!  Well, at least Friday & Sunday were – Saturday not so much, but I was busy costume shopping.

On Sunday, I finished up my rhinoceros drawing (you can compare with the WIP version here).  It’s a baby rhino, by the way, if his horn looks unusually small.  I was pretty pleased with the WIP as I left it, but I wanted to try adding more shading.  Of course, I was scared of ruining it, but I at least had that scan saved if I felt bad about the finished drawing.  Over all, though, while I didn’t add a ton more detail, I think this one came out pretty well.  I probably could have added more?  I don’t know. Continue reading