Paint first, outline later

Watercolor illustration of girlThis was something new and scary for me! I was watching a video of someone doing some freehand painting, some of which they added black outlines and details to after the fact. After my character design attempt from yesterday where, while I did a pencil drawing first, I then painted first before adding the outline, I thought I might want to try some freehand painting.

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An attempt at character design

Comic illustration of a personSo, while I want to improve at drawing “real” things – people, animals, nature, architecture, etc – my main interest in art has been in animation, comics, and illustration. A lot of that requires me to draw from my imagination and create my own designs.  Drawing from a reference photo and trying to replicate it in a drawing is “safe” for me – but creating characters is quite scary.

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More people painting, this time with actual watercolors.

Watercolor painting of a man

As much as I love my Winsor & Newton drawing inks, they behave a bit differently than watercolor paint, and so I want to practice with both of them. I have a couple different sets – with this painting, I used my transparent Pelikan watercolor set

I used a reference photo for this one – the odd coloring comes from the lights used in the photo. I drew this one lightly in pencil first, but didn’t detail it too much until I painted it. I felt more at ease to experiment with this one moreso than the crackerjack kids from yesterday’s post – probably because I wasn’t too afraid to mess up since it wasn’t for a particular project! I need to get past that fear.

I especially liked how his hair and eye came out, plus his jaw/chin/neck area. I feel like the obscured eye doesn’t look quite right, and I struggled with the nose and lips. Either way, I had fun with this one!

The Crackerjack Kid – an adventure in painting.

Watercolor painting of boyA few months ago, my grandmother unearthed a children’s story she’d written over 20 years ago about a young boy. She asked me to illustrate the cover. I agreed but have been anxious about it ever since – I haven’t done a lot of watercolor painting, and I also hadn’t been drawing many people lately (well, I haven’t been drawing much at all lately, period). I’m a bit more comfortable drawing animals.

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