A Cheap Lantern

Watercolor painting of electric lantern

I did not wake up thinking, “Today I will draw a cheap lantern.” But sometimes, when your day is packed, you have to seek out an opportunity to get some drawing in. In my case, I had a full day, and in the evening, I found myself manning a tent with a group that I volunteer with at a local festival. We had a couple tables set up and some cheap lanterns for when it got dark (actually, the others were good, but this one was pretty cheap). I’d brought some drawing supplies since I was going to be there for at least a few hours.

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Painting of a tree

Watercolor painting of a tree

Like the painting yesterday, I used my Pelikan watercolor set again. I quickly scanned through this youtube tutorial to get a handle on how to approach painting a tree. I used about 4 different shades of green for the foliage, and basically 2 shades of brown for the trunk and branches, with a bit of green mixed in for shadows. I need to try painting more trees! I think figuring out where the lighting is coming from can be a challenge for me in any drawing or painting, so I’d like to try that again. This tree came out looking a bit boxy, but for a first attempt it’s pretty cool.

More people painting, this time with actual watercolors.

Watercolor painting of a man

As much as I love my Winsor & Newton drawing inks, they behave a bit differently than watercolor paint, and so I want to practice with both of them. I have a couple different sets – with this painting, I used my transparent Pelikan watercolor set

I used a reference photo for this one – the odd coloring comes from the lights used in the photo. I drew this one lightly in pencil first, but didn’t detail it too much until I painted it. I felt more at ease to experiment with this one moreso than the crackerjack kids from yesterday’s post – probably because I wasn’t too afraid to mess up since it wasn’t for a particular project! I need to get past that fear.

I especially liked how his hair and eye came out, plus his jaw/chin/neck area. I feel like the obscured eye doesn’t look quite right, and I struggled with the nose and lips. Either way, I had fun with this one!