Watercolor portrait of a man

Watercolor portrait of a manI tried another portrait last night and tried the black ink outline approach. I outlined the initial drawing with Higgins Black Magic Ink and a liner brush, then painted it using my Pelikan watercolors as well as a tiny bit of Higgins white ink as well.

I had trouble with his face in this painting, particularly his lips, and getting the right look of his hairstyle was tricky as well – I don’t think I totally succeeded. Also difficult was the clothing! I’m trying to get the hang of drawing (and painting) folds and shadows on clothing. I think I might try to study up on that a bit.

One thought on “Watercolor portrait of a man

  1. I think this fellow looks just fine! I wouldn’t change a thing about him. I know what you mean about drawing folds in clothing. Check our Barbara Bradley. She has several books/tutorials on that specific topic. I came across one of her lessons in an art magazine, and it was very helpful.


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