A Cheap Lantern

Watercolor painting of electric lantern

I did not wake up thinking, “Today I will draw a cheap lantern.” But sometimes, when your day is packed, you have to seek out an opportunity to get some drawing in. In my case, I had a full day, and in the evening, I found myself manning a tent with a group that I volunteer with at a local festival. We had a couple tables set up and some cheap lanterns for when it got dark (actually, the others were good, but this one was pretty cheap). I’d brought some drawing supplies since I was going to be there for at least a few hours.

I haven’t done any drawing from life lately, so this was good practice! The lantern was just sitting there, like a good model. Drawing it kind of got to be a pain as I tried to get in all the details and ridges and dimensions accurately. I did an initial drawing in pencil, then outlined it with my black Micron pens (a brush and 05, I think).

I then went between my small Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor set and my Pelikan watercolor set to paint it. That was a challenge – it’s got some metallic tones plus glass (well, clear plastic) – the only strong, easy-to-pin-down color in there is black. I don’t think I’ve ever attempted to paint something metallic-looking before! I’d like to get better at it.

A lantern’s not the most exciting thing to draw, but it’s definitely good for me to practice drawing some everyday objects.

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