Aaand, I’m back. With a giraffe.

Drawing of giraffe in black ink.

Hello, hello. I haven’t posted here since July 2017! Two years ago I started doing a degree program in music composition and theory, and after an extremely busy, chaotic (and somewhat unhealthy) two years, I am happy to report that I’ve graduated. I’ve also left my full time job after 10 years to take a bit of a “sabbatical” for myself, and so I’m fortunate to find myself with more time on my hands as I figure out where I’m headed in this next stage in life.

I’ve missed drawing, but I just didn’t have the time. Now I have time, and I’m pleased as punch about that. While I’ll have other things going on, let’s see if I can update this blog fairly regularly again.

Above is a giraffe that I drew in pencil, then outlined/detailed with my black Micron pens. I have all sorts of ambitions about participating in Inktober this year, so maybe this will nudge me in that direction.



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