Laughing Gull

Laughing Gull, 6.24.17

Laughing Gull, 6.24.17

After my not-so-impressive landscape, I decided to go back to familiar territory & try my hand at an animal – specifically, a laughing gull, which you see a lot of in Galveston! My tendency is to use my Micron pens for an outline because I really like watercolor & ink, but this time I decided to go sans-pen.

I first started out with a basic pencil drawing (you can see some of the light lines in the painting). I then started to layer my colors, beginning with a light blue wash for the sky. But mostly, the experimentation was with the grays & blue-ish grays on the gull. I gradually built those up, & I had to mix those colors, something that is also fairly new to me. I don’t have any gray or black in my small watercolor travel set.

This was fun to do! I think I’ll try more painting like this in the future.

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