Watercolor Sunflower, 2.5.17

Watercolor Sunflower, 2.5.17

Continuing my experimentation with watercolor, I tried my hand at painting a flower at the request of my mother. It has an ink outline like a lot of my other stuff, but this time I went for a thinner line & a more loose quality (I think I tend to have bolder outlines). I’ve tried this a few times before, like with the watercolor of my cat.

I actually don’t have a ton of experience with drawing plants & flowers! So, I’m not totally happy with the flower itself, but I think it’s a decent attempt (I particularly like the leaf on the right, because of the veins). I’m still not getting the shading/shadow thing when it comes to paint, especially with the flower pedals, but I think I’m starting to get a better idea of it.

Also, this was done in my new Moleskine pocket watercolor book. I’m pretty excited about it, & I’m having fun with watercolor at the moment, so I think I’m going to keep going & try to fill it up!

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