Clownfish watercolor

Clownfish watercolor, 1.29.17

Clownfish watercolor, 1.29.17

I’m not always the best at talking about issues that matter to me – I suppose that’s why it’s generally easier for me to express myself through music or art. However! There has been a lot in the news that’s been concerning me lately, & a lot of that is related to climate change. In about a week, the Trump administration has instituted a media blackout/gag order for the EPA and brought back the pipelines, among other things. While I’m not a scientist myself, I love science & believe that the scientific process is key to understanding our world. When the vast majority of scientists believe that climate change is happening & that humans have an impact on it, who am I to disagree?

With that being said, if you live in the US & want to try & do something, please consider signing a petition to ungag the EPA and call your senators to oppose the nomination of Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA.

Also check out some of the rogue/alt accounts that have been popping up surrounding the EPA gag order – I’m not a social media person & do not use Twitter, so it’s saying something when I recommend checking them out!:

And a lot more:

Also, please support the ACLU because they kicked ass this weekend:

And, now on to some commentary about the painting!

I had some time for a quick drawing & wanted to try more watercolor, so I decided to try my hand at a clown fish. The outline is just from a Micron pen as usual, & I then added watercolor on top. But in layers! I actually started out with yellow over most of the fish & layered & blended other colors on top of it. I was unsure how to approach the clear parts of the fins, so I think they mostly look white or slightly blue… And the background is just a wash of blue & purple.

This was done in a small pocket notebook that is really not meant for watercolor. I think I’m going to buy a small watercolor notebook for future attempts.

5 thoughts on “Clownfish watercolor

  1. I was never politically inclined before but this administration is anti-everything I stand for – science, compassion, democracy – that I’ve had to respond publicly. Luckily, over 90% of my FB friends are reasonable and caring human beings who did not vote for him and are as appalled as I am. I’ve learned much from them, including that petitions do very little and the most effective way to be heard is to call your reps (which is so hard for a phone-aversed introvert like me). Mailing is also good, better than emailing.

    Right now, I feel that the most important issue is to oppose the nomination of Bannon to the NSC. He will burn all that we hold dear because he is more evil than the rest of the nominees combined.


      • Yeah, Bannon is pretty freaking scary, & we should definitely be fighting that. I guess I was trying to loosely connect the climate change/nature theme with the clownfish, but there are plenty of other issues to be upset about!

        I have some doubts myself about whether petitions work, but I figure it can’t hurt. There was (is? I’m not sure where to find it anymore) a petition about this same thing up on the White House site (, but, for some unknown reason, there was something buggy about the petition & people were signing it & yet the numbers weren’t budging past 1 signature.

        I also have doubts whether calling your representatives really helps, but this is just my general feeling of pessimism lately. I used to wonder if marches & protests did anything, but I think visually, something like the Women’s March was very impressive, so it actually does help.

        Either way, people becoming more involved is probably a good thing!

        As for your comments on the clownfish, thank you! The background is roughly the same thing as the fox one, except I didn’t splatter rubbing alcohol on the fish. I should have tried that, though!

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        • I could not agree with you more on all your points! So very good to talk with sane people who feel the same! ❤ I am lucky to have a lot of sane friends…but those sane friends sure have some scary, backwards-thinking family and friends. And speaking of friends, one of them and I were just talking about that buggy WH petition…we're not sure if we should be paranoid about it or not. Knowing this farce of an administration, we have probable cause to be paranoid. But, yes, thank goodness more people are involved…apparently we can never take democracy (or republic if people want to be fussy about it) for granted.

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