Watercolor cartoony fox

Watercolor cartoony fox

Watercolor cartoony fox

I’m kind of getting this in right at the last moment! However, I’m feeling pretty good that I’ve managed to upload a drawing once a week so far this year.

This fox was an attempt to try drawing something from my imagination while working loosely with a reference photo. I usually try to copy what I’m observing, but I think trying to draw from my imagination, or interpreting what I’m observing in a different way, is great practice & something I need to do more of.

I was happier with the initial ink drawing, but I decided to go over some of the lines to make them thicker & think that was a mistake. I’m still learning my way with paint and color, and for me, I don’t think this is a bad attempt. The background was an afterthought, & I just did a wash of different colors, letting them bleed together, & then splattered some rubbing alcohol on top (I’d read about that somewhere).

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