Nupastel Landscape (WIP)

Nupastel Landscape (WIP)

Nupastel Landscape (WIP)

I’m attempting to make myself feel better about this one by pointing out that it’s a work in progress (WIP). I wanted to do something different from the ink animals I’ve been doing for a while now, so I broke out the Nupastels & decided to try a landscape, another thing I don’t think I ever try.

I guess the sky & clouds are a good start, but if it’s not obvious, I’m totally floundering here. That’s supposed to be some sort of rocky hill/outcropping where all the brown & purple is, but I’m not sure how to form it any further. Maybe I’ll try continuing this? I think I just need to watch & read some tutorials on pastels &  painting in general.

2 thoughts on “Nupastel Landscape (WIP)

  1. The great thing about pastels is that you can continue to layer (up to a point anyway) so you still have plenty of room to fix what you don’t like. 🙂 I think it looks great so far…lovely color combos and pretty sky/clouds!


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