Black Lab Puppy

Black Lab Puppy, 1.12.17

Black Lab Puppy, 1.12.17

For week #2 of 2017, I finally finished a drawing I’d started about a month ago – I’m pretty sure it’s a black lab puppy. I’d already had the outline done & just wanted to add some details & shading.

This was a tricky pose for me to draw because of the perspective. The dog is laying down, and its head and paws are closer to us, while the rest of its body is farther away from us & partially obscured. It was not easy for me! I actually drew this over the course of a day-long work-related conference during the breaks, & I erased many, many times. However, I was pretty happy with the final line drawing.

Last night, I tried to add the shading, & that’s where I’m less pleased. Admittedly, I rushed it a bit, & I might be a bit rusty (also, I’ve had some difficulty with dogs in ink – I’m not sure why). I only had 30 minutes to get it done. The head in particular is where I was really lost. Oh well!

I’m thinking of trying my hand at other mediums for a bit. I really like using pens, but I have a lot of other things that I’ve barely used, or haven’t used in quite a while. We shall see! Maybe in the coming weeks. I’d like to just use pencil for a bit, or those Nupastels, or try more with watercolor.

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