Dalmatian in ink

Dalmatian in ink, 11.30.16

Dalmatian in ink, 11.30.16

Hello! I believe this has been my longest gap in posting, so it feels great to get another drawing up after all this time. I have been doing some drawing on and off, but mostly as gifts and I just haven’t had a chance to scan and upload the drawings after I’ve done them (and they are now out of my hands anyway).

My life has gotten quite busy, which is my main excuse for not posting more often. I’m working on music a lot more often, and will probably doing even more of that in the near future (I’m going to be earning a 2nd BA in music through a free degree program at the college I work at! Yay!) However, I still have hope that eventually I will get back to drawing and posting on here on a more regular basis. Maybe once a month would be doable? A good new year’s resolution for 2017? We’ll see. I really do miss this blog and seeing other peoples’ work.

Anyway, I had some downtime during a meeting yesterday (I swear, I wasn’t slacking off) and drew this dalmatian, first in pencil & then detailed it with black Micron pens. It was fun to do, and I haven’t done many dogs, so it was good to get the practice in & know that I can do it!

I hope to see you all soon & be actively posting again!

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