National Submarine Day

National Submarine Day

National Submarine Day, 4.10.16

Happy National Submarine Day! I’ve been wanting to get in on the action over at, where Charlie is celebrating his entire birthday month with watercolors celebrating National & International days. Obviously, I chose National Submarine Day.

This was actually kind of done just looking at a few reference photos & some steampunk-style submarine paintings (one in particular heavily influenced this), but it’s sort of my own design, which I never do. So yay.

It was a pretty experimental process since I so rarely paint. I started off with a pencil sketch, detailed it with a Micron pen, & then added some watercolor to it (& was scared the whole time I was going to ruin it). But Charlie, I had so much fun with this, I think I’m going to try & start doing more ink & watercolor stuff! It was time consuming, but I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to add shadows, how to properly depict light underwater, etc. It’s a very basic attempt, but encouraging enough for me to want to keep trying.


16 thoughts on “National Submarine Day

  1. YES!!! You played along! And it’s AMAZING! 😍😍I love this so much… the colors are rich and awesome, that submarine is insanely cool, and the overall composition is spot on. So, yeah… you rocked it! And yes please on the ink and watercolor… more! more!! hehe


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