5 Minute Rat

5 Minute Rat, 3.30.16

5 Minute Rat, 3.30.16

I think it’s a little sad that I haven’t drawn since Draw a Bird Day earlier this month. I think my schedule will start to ease up by the end of April, but in the meantime, I will still make an attempt to get back to drawing & posting regularly.

So with that goal in mind, here’s a reminder that even 5 minutes a day is better than nothing. I joined a coursera class called “How to Make a Comic Book”, because what better way to get me to make something like a comic than to sign up for a class & give me deadlines? Well, we’ll see if I actually finish the class, but the first assignment was to draw something in 5 minutes, so I chose to draw a quick rat from a reference photo.

I liked the fact that within 5 minutes, I had a relatively complete drawing & very little time to stop & think & be critical of it while drawing because I needed every second of that 5 minutes to finish it in time! I started this one in pencil as per usual, but I used a darker one because I didn’t think I’d get around to inking it. But I did, & then found the pencil only smudged when I tried to erase the lines (plus I ran out of time). Oh well! I think I should start trying to draw with pen only, just to force myself to accept the lines that I put down.

This drawing is a lot quicker than what I usually do, but I think that’s probably great practice. So, maybe even on my busy days, I’ll try to do at least 5 minutes, whether it’s trying to do a complete drawing like this or even just some quick gesture drawings.


8 thoughts on “5 Minute Rat

  1. Love that rat! (Anyone else singing “Ben” in their head?) I encourage you to dive right in with ink. You might hate some of the efforts but you’ll learn a lot, too. At least that’s what I find.

    The Coursera class sounds awesome! I might have to look into it at some point.


  2. Who are you trying to impress? Or, should I say, stop boasting! :(…:) You see how you became busy and didn’t really lose any skill earned? Of course, you might lose some edge if you gave it up years at a time. But, yer just having a schedule shift. My five-minute rat would probably look more like the Pokemon Raticate, a ball of fur with whiskers, a stringy tail and big teeth.

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