Saw-whet Owl (Draw a Bird Day!)

Saw-whet Owl, 3.6.16

Saw-whet Owl, 3.6.16

Happy Draw a Bird Day! I’m so happy I made it! This month I chose to kill two birds with one stone (pardon the expression) & drew an owl – specifically a saw-whet owl – at the suggestion of a friend who likes owls, so I managed to also cross another animal request off my list.

This doesn’t deviate too much from other recent drawings I’ve been doing – rough sketches of animals in pencils & then detailed in ink. I’m having a lot of fun doing these! I recently discovered the Reference Library over at, & I found my reference photo over there. What a great library they seem to have over there! I’ve only just dipped my toes in with this owl, but it seems like a treasure trove of images for artists to use.

I’m looking forward to checking out everyone else’s bird drawings today! For those interested, Draw a Bird Day comes once a month & is hosted by Nina & Kerfe over at, & was originally hosted by Laura at

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