Recent drawings from a butterfly conservatory

Poison Dart Frog, 1.17.16

Poison Dart Frog, 1.17.16

A couple weeks ago I met up with a sketching group in my area at a butterfly conservatory. It was a good experience, to get out & draw with other people! I never do that. I get super self-conscious, not just showing my drawings to people who have quite a bit more experience than me, but also drawing in a relatively crowded area. But it’s good for me.

I didn’t actually draw any butterflies – instead, I stuck to the amphibians & reptiles in another part of the conservatory. Above is an unfinished drawing of a poison dart frog (which are really beautiful, by the way – look them up if you’ve never seen one!). I kind of cheated, though – I took a picture of him & started drawing him on a bench because a) I was self-conscious of the people around me near the cage, and b) The frog kept jumping around anyway. I might finish this one up – might be worth it.

First lizard, 1.17.16

First lizard, 1.17.16

Then I drew a couple of lizards while actually observing them in person. This one above me was probably the hardest because he also wouldn’t sit still (kids coming by tapping on the glass didn’t help).

Second lizard, 1.17.16

Second lizard, 1.17.16

This one was a good model, however. I like aspects of both of these simple drawings (probably their faces, primarily), but I think there’s room for improvement.

Yesterday I went out with the sketching group again, so I’ll post those drawings tomorrow!


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