Pastel portrait of a girl (WIP)

Girl pastel portrait WIP, 1.13.16

Girl pastel portrait WIP, 1.13.16

This is another attempt at using my Nupastels, and I also really need to work on drawing people & portraits. And this is of course incomplete, although I’m not sure if I’ll go back & finish it.

My feelings on this one are so-so. On the one hand, once I started getting the hang of blending the skin & mixing colors, I started having more fun with the face. I’m still trying to figure out how to add more depth & shadows with pastels. One area that was really rough to begin with was the nose, but I think I started to bring that out a little with blending & adding highlights & darker colors in some areas. Same with rest of the face to a certain extent, although I’m not super happy with the eyes this time around, particularly the eye on the right. The hair, however, is very incomplete! I might try & go back in to finish it up. Oh – that weird gray streak on the left side of her face is a strand of hair that I added in before I really started blending in the face, so it sort of got rubbed out. I need to redo that, but I didn’t want to until I thought I was done with the rest of the face.

I do feel my anatomy’s a bit off, though. Another thing to keep working on. I really should try to go to a figure drawing session this year.

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