Nupastel animals (WIP)… and a watercolor attempt

Springbok Nupastel (WIP), 1.11.16

Springbok Nupastel (WIP), 1.11.16

Hello & welcome to some of my very first attempts at drawing with pastels! Isn’t acquiring new art supplies both exciting, invigorating, & intimidating all at the same time? Yes, I think so!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks, but also recently got a few other things: a small set of Prismacolor Nupastels (they are so beautiful when they’re brand new), Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils, and Prismacolor Markers (I’m sensing a theme here). I’ve hardly touched the markers & haven’t opened the pencils yet, but cracked open the pastels the other day. Apparently these are harder than your traditional pastels – I’ve only used the waxy & chalky variety of pastels a few times, but I do notice a difference.

This springbok you see before you is a work in progress. It was my second pastel attempt after the camel (we’ll get to him in a bit). I’m really just experimenting at this point with blending & mixing the colors. I think it looks better smaller & farther away, & I’m not attempting to insult myself when I say that. But seriously, try backing up from your screen & looking at it – I think it looks better. Although I do like that crayon-y look of pastels when you’re up close.

Also new to me is attempting to use other colors like purple & blue to add shadows. I like it! I’ll definitely have to keep at it.Β  I just want to be able to portray a bit more depth than I currently have (I’m having particular trouble with the head, but I think I might be able to fix the back legs). Still, I think this is decent for an early attempt.

Here was my very first drawing with the Nupastels:

Camel Nupastel (WIP), 1.10.16

Camel Nupastel (WIP), 1.10.16

Well. This is a camel. His face might be his best feature. This is obviously a work in progress, & I sort of gave up on him midway through in favor of starting the springbok. At first, I wasn’t trying to blend, & then all of a sudden tried to do that, so right now I think it looks like a bit of a mess. I might try to salvage him, though.

And finally, here’s the watercolor attempt I wanted to bury:

Watercolor cartoony portrait, 1.9.16

Watercolor cartoony portrait, 1.9.16

I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but it’s a bit disappointing. One good thing – the underlying drawing wasn’t too bad initially, and that was done completely without reference & from the imagination. That’s progress, right?

I was trying to make this more of a comic/cartoon feel than realistic. It’s outlined in black ink (with a brush). But man, do I need to work on the basics of painting. I think I just need to paint from life a lot more, or even paint from photos, like that hummingbird.

I will keep attempting things like this, even if it’s painful. I’ll try not to beat myself up over it, though. In fact, I’ll make that a New Year’s resolution – don’t be too hard on myself for trying to learn & not creating awesome things right off the bat. There’s no shame in being a beginner.

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