Portrait in ink

Portrait in ink, 12.28.15

Portrait in ink, 12.28.15

I know I mentioned this yesterday, but oh, how I love that black Winsor & Newton ink. This was my second attempt using the ink set I recently got & I decided to try for a black & white ink drawing with lots of contrast. Having never really done that before, I was pretty pleased with the result!

This is definitely one of my better portraits as of late. I like that it’s a bit messy, I love the kind of lines you can get with a brush & ink. The application of the ink is not as smooth as I would have liked – in the expanses of black, it’s not totally uniform. Maybe that’s ok, I’m not quite sure yet.

I wish I’d done better below the neck, but it’s not too bad. I think my favorite parts of the drawing are the eyes & hair. I struggled a little with the lips & nose, but I think they came out pretty well.

This might be it for the week. I’ll see if I can get another drawing in and posted before the weekend. I’m also hoping to get a scanner set up at home soon-ish so I can post stuff that I do during the weekends.


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