Hummingbird in ink

Hummingbird in ink, 12.25.15

Hummingbird in ink, 12.25.15

Hoo boy… Well, it’s a new year, & time for new goals. One of mine is to get back to regularly posting on here again. A minimum of three posts a week – I can do that, right? Yes I can! I’ve been quite a bit more active with music lately, hence the lack of posting here. However, I really really miss posting here on a regular basis & seeing everyone else’s artwork!

For Christmas, I was given a lovely set of Winsor & Newton Drawing Inks. They are really fun, and the black ink is so incredibly satisfying, so black & glossy, I still can’t get over it. This is the first thing I tried with the set – a hummingbird.

These inks are similar to watercolor paints. You can use pens with them, but I just used brushes & tried to paint. I also used a Micron fineliner to get in some details. But this was kind of a challenge, because I was trying to stay away from what I’d been doing lately, which is outlined ink drawings. It started off ok, & I think the head is the best part (do you see that black in the eye & beak? I love that ink!). I also like the black and gray contrast on top foot.

The rest of it is ok. I’m actually more satisfied with it than I was a week ago. I was experimenting with layering colors and trying to create depth, but a lot of this is new to me so I know it’ll take some time to learn. The tail feathers and wing in particular were difficult.

I’ve got another ink drawing that I did over my long holiday break that I’ll post tomorrow!

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