Living room drawing

Living Room in ink, 11.26.15

Living Room in ink, 11.26.15

I’m a bit late in posting this!  This was done on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th.  I’ve been thinking for awhile that I should try drawing my surroundings more often, so that’s what I attempted to do at my parents’ house this Thanksgiving.

This took suuuuuuper long to do.  Way longer than I thought it would.  Overall, I think it’s… not bad, but there are some definite issues with it (which is why I should do more of this!).  I wish I’d done the initial layout better, because I didn’t completely work out where the floor began and the wall ended, for instance.   And the viewpoint was a bit difficult.  I was sitting on the couch, so there’s a table immediately in front of me, and then of course the tv & other things a bit further back.  I’m not sure how I feel about the coffee table, though.

Aaaand, shading in general was a bit rushed, particularly with the walls, floor & table.

I did like drawing the plants!  They’re a bit hard to do, especially trying to figure out how much I should draw vs. how much I should leave out (ie, I don’t really have to draw every single leaf and stem, do I?).

Anyway, more drawings coming soon!



4 thoughts on “Living room drawing

  1. I really like this drawing! I always think there is something special in drawing or painting ordinary stuff – like, did you feel you endowed your living room with beauty through drawing it? I sometimes feel that way. It’s like magic 🙂


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