A rabbit! A portrait!

Rabbit in ink, 11.15.15

Rabbit in ink, 11.15.15

Boy, this weekend I was totally not feeling it!  I think I was just exhausted.  Hence, the two drawings I’m posting today are a bit sloppy.

But here we have a rabbit done in pencil first & then detailed in sepia ink!  I shouldn’t totally bash him, I just don’t think he’s maybe on par with my other recent efforts.  But he’s kinda cute, & I like the bold lines, & I actually like the quickly scribbled lines even though I think I could have done that better.  However, I think the anatomy seems a bit off.

Portrait, 11.15.15

Portrait, 11.15.15

Ok!  I’ve posted it.  Not one of my finest efforts, ha ha.  Oh well.  I admit I gave up on this one halfway through.  Didn’t even try to fix it.

I think what I’m concluding from all my work lately is that I need to keep working on drawing people, even though animals have been so much fun.  Other things I think I need to work on: landscapes & surroundings, life drawing of all kinds, & basic cartoon construction. And maybe I’ll draw more planets while I’m at it.

3 thoughts on “A rabbit! A portrait!

  1. The portrait lacks something and may have been rushed? I like the rabbit and am thinking it might be a great stamper image if you could transfer that to rubber. It kinda reminds me of a Chinese astrology print (if it were red ink with a calligraphy character next to it).


  2. You definitely seem happier drawing the bunny…who is incredibly wonderful. I’m all for attempting to draw anything and everything, but we all have our affinities, and that’s not a bad thing. The portrait is fine, but it doesn’t have the intensity of doing something you really love. (K)


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