Ink & watercolor puppy

Ink & Watercolor Puppy, 11.2.15

Ink & Watercolor Puppy, 11.2.15

Ok, mostly ink – the only watercolor is the towel she’s tugging on & a little bit of pink around the mouth & eyes.  I bought a bottle of Higgins Black Magic Ink a couple weeks ago but hadn’t tried it until last night – it’s so dark & satisfying!

I drew this in light pencil (& forgot to erase the lines – whoops) & then outlined in ink using a brush.  I also diluted the ink to get a bit of the grays/shadows in there, but not much.  And finally, I used a tiny bit of watercolor.

This is my first time using ink out of a bottle, although it wasn’t totally foreign to me since I’m treating it similarly to how I’ve been doing my pen drawings – drawing in pencil first & then outlining/detailing in ink.  It’s just that this time I used a brush – kind of tricky, but I like the lines that are possible using it.  I also like that you can sort of layer the ink, so some areas are darker than others, & I like diluting the ink as well.

I think her head’s a little funky looking, though, & her back legs… But overall, not too shabby.

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