Finished Goldfish & 1 year blogiversary!

Sepia Goldfish, 10.29.15

Sepia Goldfish, 10.29.15

My apologies for being away for the past week!  I’ve been really busy with music – I have a show this coming Friday & getting ready for it has taken up all my time.  Thing should go back to normal this weekend.

However, I did have an hour at lunch to try & finish the goldfish drawing before Inktober ends!  Honestly, when I first started adding details to this, I wasn’t too happy, but now that it’s finished, I think it turned out pretty well – not sure I like it as much as the rhino or leopard, though.

I sort of changed techniques slightly multiple times throughout, & I think that’s primarily seen in the difference between the tail & various fins (I prefer how the tail came out).  This was a tricky thing to shade, particularly those areas.  I think it might be similar to drawing a sheer fabric, especially in ink.  Well, a good learning experience, anyway.

Also, this is my one year anniversary of starting this blog!  Technically it was yesterday as my first post was October 28, 2014, but hey, my first drawing was posted on October 29, 2014, so I’ll just say I made it just in time to celebrate it properly.  I’m also almost at 100 posts.  This is #98.  Craziness!

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