Weekend inky drawings: Baby Rhino, Goldfish, Pluto & a Hand

Baby Rhinoceros in Ink, 10.18.15

Baby Rhinoceros in Ink, 10.18.15

This was a productive drawing weekend for me!  Well, at least Friday & Sunday were – Saturday not so much, but I was busy costume shopping.

On Sunday, I finished up my rhinoceros drawing (you can compare with the WIP version here).  It’s a baby rhino, by the way, if his horn looks unusually small.  I was pretty pleased with the WIP as I left it, but I wanted to try adding more shading.  Of course, I was scared of ruining it, but I at least had that scan saved if I felt bad about the finished drawing.  Over all, though, while I didn’t add a ton more detail, I think this one came out pretty well.  I probably could have added more?  I don’t know.

On Friday while at a meeting, I drew my left hand:

Friday hand in ink, 10.16.15

Friday hand in ink, 10.16.15

This is not my best hand.  Then again, it’s also not the worst.  But I feel like it’s one of my least favorites, alas.  I need to draw more hands.

Also on Friday, I bought a few new art supplies, including some sepia Micron pens.  Because I was feeling especially productive on Sunday, I have two more WIPs, both done in my new sepia pens!  The first is a goldfish:

Sepia Goldfish, 10.18.15

Sepia Goldfish, 10.18.15

The sepia is so dark in this it looks almost black, but if you look, it’s definitely a dark brown.  I love it.  And I’m liking the drawing so far, but I’m a little anxious about adding more detail to this one, particularly the partially translucent fins.

And finally, I attempted to draw Pluto, King of the Kuiper Belt:

Pluto in Ink WIP, 10.18.15

Pluto in Ink WIP, 10.18.15

For those who don’t know, I’m a total space geek & I had literally been waiting for years for New Horizons to arrive at Pluto.  And then the day came, & it was more than I’d hoped for!  Pluto is gorgeous, and it loves you.  I will attempt to finish this one, but I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it.  I might have to attempt another drawing in the future, & possibly other space-themed drawings.  The planets & dwarf planets are awesome, but so are the moons.  Like Europa! Or Ganymede! Or Triton!

11 thoughts on “Weekend inky drawings: Baby Rhino, Goldfish, Pluto & a Hand

  1. The baby rhino turned out amazing! Nice hand, too! The goldfish has lots of personality, as does your Pluto. I didn’t know you were a space geek! I had wanted to major in astrophysics at university (but I didn’t think my math and physics were good enough…I lacked (still do) self-esteem). I consider myself an amateur astronomer but I’m too old and lazy to go out and observe at night. 🙂


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