Ink Rhinoceros (WIP)

Rhinoceros in Ink WIP, 10.15.15

Rhinoceros in Ink WIP, 10.15.15

Hey guys, guess what!  I’ve got another work in progress for you since I didn’t have a lot of time last night (kind of disappointing for me because I was really enjoying this one, like the leopard the other night).

So, here we have another Inktober drawing that I’m working on, this time a rhinoceros!  I’m trying a similar approach to the leopard (using that Micron brush pen), but slightly different in that I’m trying to do a bit more shading, & am using fineliner for some of the details & shading.  Rhinos have a lot of wrinkles.  I didn’t think the brush pen was going to work for those wrinkles.

I’m going to try & get this guy done tonight, although I might not have another post until Monday when I have access to a scanner again.  And, I think I might keep drawing in ink?  And animals are a lot of fun, especially inky animals.  I should probably try drawing an octopus at some point.

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