Weekend Sundial & Gesture Drawings

Sundial Drawing, 10.10.15

Sundial Drawing, 10.10.15

Yeah, I sort of dropped the ball again.  Sorry, guys.  But I’m back, & once again I’m aiming at updating more regularly.  I actually did some drawing while I’ve been away but neglected to upload it.

So, this is a sundial!  I started drawing it outside, then had to leave before I finished it so I took some pictures & finished it at home.  Not one of my strongest drawings, but there are some decent things about it.  What I’ve discovered is that I have no idea how to draw stone!  The monument in particular that the sundial is on – very tricky!

Also, here are some gesture drawings I did last night.  I need to get back into the habit!

Gesture Drawings, 10.11.15

Gesture Drawings, 10.11.15

Gesture Drawings, 10.11.15

Gesture Drawings, 10.11.15

That’s all for today!  I hope you’ve all been doing well & have been more actively pursuing your art goals than I have lately!


7 thoughts on “Weekend Sundial & Gesture Drawings

  1. Welcome back! I think it’s a great sketch and I agree with Teresa. The stone looks good to me.

    I also love the gestures. Like Kerfe I’ve really missed your gesture drawings. You’ll have to indulge us with some more :).


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