A skeleton hand!

Skeleton Hand, 8.4.15

Skeleton Hand, 8.4.15

I’ve finally moved on to hands in my anatomy book!  Kind of exciting.  I’ve been drawing some hands off and on, so it’s nice to get to the bones (and eventually muscles, etc.) underneath what I see.

I’m actually pretty pleased with this one.  The book I’m working from has paintings and drawings of anatomy rather than photographs, and for me trying to copy the shading from something like that can be a bit challenging.  I guess it would be better to draw from life, but that’s a bit difficult to do with anatomy, ha ha.

I’ve been wanting to work on a number of things lately – architecture, landscapes, animals, anatomy, perspective, cartoon construction… I’m not sure if it’s better to focus on one thing at a time, or to keep jumping around like I’ve been doing.  There’s so much I want to improve at, it’s a bit frustrating.  I think for now I’ll keep jumping around, but my main focus will probably continue to be on the human figure for now.

14 thoughts on “A skeleton hand!

  1. Wow that hand is amazing! Terrific work! I know what you mean re jumping around. I was so focused on watercolor for so long and then I started sketching at night with pen and now I’m focused on that. It’s so crazy. Such a big world out there with so many mediums and subjects and so excited about so many of them! What you’re doing here is beautiful. I wish I could help with the art ADD thing. lol.


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