Galveston Parking Garage

Galveston Parking Garage, 6.21.15

Galveston Parking Garage, 6.21.15

I was off in Galveston, Texas last month & took some reference photos that I might like to draw later, including this view of a parking garage.  I guess it’s not the most exciting drawing, but I thought the angle & perspective might be a bit challenging.

I think my lettering came out better than expected, although I skipped the lettering at the top of the sign (it’s supposed to say “Historic District”).  I kind of like the shading that I did in the windows & door for the most part.  However, that “P” in the circle at the bottom of the sign – I think I could have done a better job at shading.  I have a hard time with curves and shading them properly.

Also, angles/perspective are a bit off.  I tried to correct it a little halfway through, & I think it turned out better than it was originally looking, but I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing, ha ha.  I think I need to read up on perspective.

So, overall, not too shabby, but obviously there’s room for improvement!

16 thoughts on “Galveston Parking Garage

  1. That is wonderful! I really like this kind of thing. I love the shadows on the window openings and deep inside the windows. I love how the geometry works and the sign is terrific. To me this is pretty exciting, though you describe it as “not the most exciting,” I would argue just the opposite. Really well done.

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