A drawing of a clock

Clock Drawing, 4.9.15

Clock Drawing, 4.9.15

Here’s a drawing of a clock that I started on the 8th & finished last night.  My grandmother gave me this clock when I moved into my apartment as sort of a housewarming gift.  Just in case you noticed – the numbers are purposely off center (ie, 12 is not right at the top & 6 is not right at the bottom).  For some reason the numbers are really like that on the clock, so that’s how I drew it.

I’m a little disappointed with this.  There are parts that I like, but I think I’ve done better life drawings.  For some reason I really struggled with the shading.  There’s a black ring around the clock between the clock face & the outer wood casing that was really hard for me – and just getting the wood itself to look right was hard.

Oh well!  There’s always tomorrow – or today, rather, since I haven’t done my drawing for today yet.


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