Another hand drawing done at a meeting

Hand Drawing in Pen, 3.31.15

Hand Drawing in Pen, 3.31.15

This was done during an all-staff meeting rather than a smaller department meeting, so I really could just listen & draw without bringing too much attention to myself.  Besides, everyone else has their smartphones out & are playing games, so why can’t I do a little sketching?

So, obviously this is a another hand drawing done in Sharpie pen.  I’m pleased with parts of it – the main thing I’m not crazy about is how my fingers turned out (some of the lines/proportions got a little too crooked in the beginning to fix later on), but I don’t think it’s too bad overall.  I wanted to try & do bolder lines this time, and I have to say, again, how satisfying a dark ink line is!

The one thing about pen drawings is that I just start immediately with a contour drawing.  Back in the day (ie, my childhood), this is what I did all the time, but then as I got older, I started learning to make a rough draft of sorts where you use simple shapes first to map everything out.  I think it leaves less to chance.  I don’t think I can really do that in pen, though…

Also – this hand pose is a little too similar to the last one.  I’m gonna have to try a different one next time.


10 thoughts on “Another hand drawing done at a meeting

  1. I think it turned out great. I sometimes do rough guidelines (in pencil) before starting a pen drawing. Mostly with things with a lot of perspective like buildings or something I want to get super accurate, depends on my mood. There’s no right or wrong way!


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