Quick gesture drawings

Gesture drawings, 3.26.15

Gesture drawings, 3.26.15

I did end up doing some more gesture drawings last night – these were all 90 second drawings, I think, done over at Quickposes.  You start to see the same photos after awhile.  I also go to pixelovely for gesture drawing practice.  If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know!  Of course, I know I can just do a google image search for people.

Gesture Drawings, 3.25.15

Gesture Drawings, 3.25.15

I actually think I see some improvement in some of these.  Where I get hung up is when my anatomy seems too far off, and also when the gesture is someone standing & sitting pretty straight, because then I’m just drawing a straight line… It throws me off a bit.

Anyway, I know all these mannikins & gesture drawings are a bit more boring than finished drawings, but bear with me. 😉  I’m really hoping to improve on drawing the human figure.


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