Quick mannikins

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.24.15

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.24.15

Busy day today, so I got my drawing in during my lunch break.  Since I didn’t have a lot of time, I decided to practice on the mannikins.  Kind of an off day today, but ah well.  Don’t even ask me what’s going on with that one on the right’s feet, ’cause I really don’t know.

And here’s another:

Andrew Loomis Mannikin, 3.24.15

Andrew Loomis Mannikin, 3.24.15

Again I have the issue with obscured limbs, foreshortening, etc.  I’m trying to challenge myself a little bit by trying to draw these kinds of things – plus views from various angles.  I’m starting to see things better, I think, but it’s still definitely a challenge.

Maybe what I might want to do is to draw my basic shapes from different angles – for instance, a cylinder as viewed from above, or from almost above, etc.  That might help me figure out these things a little better.

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