And now, my own mannikins!

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.16.15

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.16.15

Ok, so when I said yesterday that that was the last of the mannikins, I only meant from that section of the book (although looking ahead a little, I may have a few more to do).  I tried doing some of my own last night, with mixed results!

I went to & worked from those (fleshless) models.  I also tried to pick a few trickier positions – yesterday I mentioned I needed to work on foreshortening.  But I don’t know if that’s the exact term I was looking for – I mean, I do definitely need to work on that.

But for example – the second drawing above, there’s one leg/foot forward, & then one leg further back – and that leg is partially obscured because of the angle we’re seeing it from (not straight on, but slightly from above) .  That’s the kind of thing that I struggle with.

Here are some more:

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.16.15

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.16.15

The one on the left was kind of hard – the torso is turning one way, you’ve got one arm going back so you need to accurately portray that sort of illusion, & then on one of the legs, it’s bent at the knee so the calf is obscured, although you can see the foot hanging down – so, again, how do you accurately draw that so it just doesn’t look like an amputee with a foot dangling from his knee?

These took me probably at least twice the time that it took me to draw the mannikins from the book, which is understandable, I suppose.  And honestly, I’m not too disappointed with these!  I definitely see some faults & things I need to work on, but I think these are better than what I could have done a month or two ago.  I really want to keep practicing these & other ways to simplify the human body in the hopes that it’ll help me improve with figure drawing in the long run.

So I’ll probably be doing more of these for now (& maybe attempt some gesture drawings while I’m at it), while also trying to focus on some other areas that I’ve been neglecting.  I have an ongoing list of things I need to draw/practice, ha ha.

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