Loomis mannikins, yet again

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.4.15

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 3.4.15

I know you all must be getting sick of seeing these by now!  I only had enough time to do four of these – the one on the bottom right is starting to incorporate sort of a line of action, I guess.  While I’ve been hyper focused on specific parts of the body while studying anatomy, I really feel the need/desire to study a simplified version of the body in movement, particularly since I do want to start attending some life drawing sessions soon.

Anyway, I will probably be doing at least a little bit more of these for now – although I have a meeting at work later today, so you might also be seeing some more doodles here tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Loomis mannikins, yet again

  1. Yay, more Loomis mannequins! I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not sick of seeing these.

    I really need to actually start drawing some of these and working through the Loomis books myself. My figure drawing is atrocious right now and I really should do something about it at some point but have mostly been dodging it. I always find your random anatomy sketches and figure drawing exercises very inspiring and educational :).

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