Rupert the Boston Terrier

Rupert the Boston Terrier, 2.24.15

Rupert the Boston Terrier, 2.24.15

I’m currently pet-sitting for my parents who are off in Florida, so today you get a drawing of their Boston Terrier, Rupert (just the head, though – it was late last night).  He was curled up in a chair when I wanted to draw him, which wasn’t the pose I really wanted.  So instead, I tried to take some pictures, which proved difficult to do because as soon as I got close to him he got super excited & was trying to lick me.

Needless to say, I didn’t get the best pictures of him, but good enough!  Unfortunately my camera’s battery died towards the end, so I was a little unsure of the neck & collar.  Still, I think this turned out decently, especially since I haven’t done any animals in awhile.


8 thoughts on “Rupert the Boston Terrier

  1. This is a lovely drawing. I get a real sense of this dog’s personality, which is what I believe drawings of pets should be about. Thank you for liking my drawing “Running Through the Neuron Forest.”


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