Some stylized portraits

Stylized Portrait, 2.17.15

Stylized Portrait, 2.17.15

Maybe stylized isn’t the right word?  It’s a bit cartoon-y.  I drew the top one late last night working from a reference photo & was originally attempting for a more lifelike representation, but then fudged it up.  So I went for a more stylized drawing, & I’m actually rather pleased with the result – mainly because this is something that I can’t ever remember attempting before, & I’m surprised I could even manage it.

I tried this next one this morning, also from a reference photo:

Stylized Portrait, 2.18.15

Stylized Portrait, 2.18.15

This time I was attempting another stylized drawing, but it didn’t turn out exactly like that – although I don’t think it’s super lifelike either.

Anyway, this is rather interesting to me so I think I’ll try more of these in the future.  Things I’ve realized in the process of doing these two small drawings:

  • I need to practice facial features (noses, eyes, ears…)
  • I need to start drawing more of the body than the head, which means:
  • Mooooooooore anatomy
  • My fabric folds could use some work
  • As always, my shading needs some improvement

Yay.  Drawing these past few days has been quite enjoyable for me.


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