Some Twisting Torsos


Twisting Torsos, 2.15.14

Twisting Torsos, 2.15.14

I didn’t take note of what this section was called in the book, but it was showing the way the body curved in different areas, as shown in the top left drawing.  I still don’t have a great grasp on anatomy, so I can spot some problem areas – for example, I think the neck placement & shoulders look off in the guy on the bottom left, and the head on the upper right kind of looks like he has too long of a neck & maybe the back of the skull ends  a bit abruptly.

Twisting Torsos, 2.15.15

Twisting Torsos, 2.15.15

These look pretty good, I guess.  I’m still just sort of copying what I see, though, so I don’t really know the muscles or anything yet.

It was nice to draw something other than bones, though!




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