My first attempt at watercolors in a while

Blue Flower in watercolor, 2.8.15

Blue Flower in watercolor, 2.8.15

After the paint and sip I went to on Saturday, I wanted to try doing some more painting, so I dragged out my water color set & had a go at it.  The blue flower above was my first attempt.  And, bleh?  I drew a rough outline first & then painted it.  At least you can tell it’s a flower, right?

Here was attempt # 2: a dead tree landscape, partly inspired by a YouTube tutorial I partially watched.

Dead Tree Watercolor, 2.8.15

Dead Tree Watercolor, 2.8.15

I didn’t want to add leaves, and I made the trunk too small, so it ended up being a dead tree.  I think this was a definite improvement over the blue flower.  One thing I neglected to do was paint in the background first.

And, attempt #3, a reddish/pinkish flower:

Red Flower Watercolor, 2.8.15

Red Flower Watercolor, 2.8.15

Well, I think this is better than the blue flower.  I’m not totally sure how I feel about it, but it feels more watercolor painter-ly, which looks kind of cool to me.

So, there you go.  I’m still going to focus more on drawing, I think, but it’s nice to try other mediums, & I would like to learn how to paint better too – so you may see more attempts in the future.


3 thoughts on “My first attempt at watercolors in a while

  1. The pink flower is very flowery, you got the layers just right. And I love the tree. I’ve been thinking of trees myself, but haven’t gotten it together yet. And I do want to try flowers again. A good nudge for me to get back to it.


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