My beloved Tascam DR-05

Tascam DR-05 drawing

Tascam DR-05 drawing

My Tascam DR-05 (a handheld recorder) has been my constant companion for the past month.  It’s very handy for those times when I don’t feel like writing down whatever music I’ve been working on, recording songs at practice, listening to one part while trying to write an additional part over it, recording small bits of inspiration whenever they happen, etc.  I use it every day, basically.

So I figured it was a good thing to try & draw.  It started out ok – when I started to shade the speakers on top & the big round button area at the bottom, it was looking fine.  But I struggle with shading when it comes to demonstrating slight curves – it’s hard for me to properly represent the lighting/shading.

Another issue I just realized – those two holes at the bottom of the Tascam are a bit off center…

Also, my lettering – still hard.  The hardest thing, however, is that it’s tiny detail work in white, so I need to outline these tiny letters first.  And it’s not just the letters – it’s the Play, Forward, Backward, & Volume button symbols that I sort of messed up as well.  There must be some sort of white pencil/pen/thing I can use to fill in those details better – it’d be a lot easier, I think.

So, there it is.  A representation of how music has been consuming my life lately.  However, I will persevere because I also want to really improve my drawing!  I just need to find that balance.

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