Andrew Loomis proportions & mannikins, & more ribs

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 1.11.15

Andrew Loomis Mannikins, 1.11.15

Over the weekend I took a look at the mannkins in Andrew Loomis’ book Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, as well as the proportions he lays out:

Andrew Loomis Proportions, 1.11.15

Andrew Loomis Proportions, 1.11.15

Clearly I need to work at these, ha ha.  I might have worked a little too quickly.  Regardless, it’s nice to start to learn a bit more about proportions and such, and the mannikin may be helpful.

I also started drawing the back of a ribcage, although it’s only half finished:

Back of ribcage, 1.11.15

Back of ribcage, 1.11.15

I usually lay out a drawing a little more than this before going into the shading & details, but for some reason I finished half of it first.  It’s turning out ok, but I’m feeling the need for a bit more variety in my life & may take a bit of a break from anatomy for a day or two.  We’ll see!  There’s a local-ish sketching group I’m thinking of joining at some point – this weekend they’re heading to a science museum in the area to draw dinosaur skeletons.  Kind of a cool idea.

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