Small Skulls at Different Angles

Skull Drawings, 1.5.14

Skull Drawings, 1.5.14

More skull drawings while I’m going through Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist.  I did all these yesterday, & now looking back at them the day after, they look better to me than I originally thought. 

Here’s another skull, with facial features added:

Skull With Features, 1.5.15

Skull With Features, 1.5.15

I’m thinking of trying to watch some of those Proko videos along with working through this anatomy book, plus Loomis & Bridgman…  But yeah, I’m just trying to figure out how to best learn anatomy.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how best to effectively learn this kind of stuff?

There’s also a local place that is starting up figure drawing sessions soon-ish, & I’m hoping I can start going to some of those within the next month or two.


2 thoughts on “Small Skulls at Different Angles

  1. Hello! I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Thomas from OneDrawingDaily? Like you, he’s also been learning to draw anatomy (and many other things) by drawing what he sees in anatomy books. I guess this practice routine you have set out to do will eventually get you there! (evident from the progress that Thomas is making).

    As for figure drawing, I’m also a beginner! I’ve signed up for a figure drawing class last year and the teacher recommended taking our time to draw a wooden model in various postures and to study the proportions and angles before proceeding to doing quick 5 minutes sketches (or croquis) to further familiarize ourselves with all the different angles that a body can produce.

    Hope this helps! 🙂


    • Hi! Yes, I follow OneDrawingDaily! But I hadn’t thought to look up the anatomy tag that he has over there. It’s good to know he’s following a similar method with drawing from an anatomy book, because I’ve also seen the progress that he’s been making.

      A wooden model to practice with is a great idea. Maybe I’ll try to pick one of those up. Thanks for the comment & suggestion!

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