Preston Blair Facial Expressions

Cartoon Facial Expressions, 12.31.14

Cartoon Facial Expressions, 12.31.14

More from Preston Blair – still on facial expressions.  Actually, my last post was from a section on “stretch and squash on heads”.  I really like cartoons, animation, comics, etc.  So while I’m trying to get better with anatomy and drawing from life, I’m hoping these kinds of exercises will help me with construction because I’d like to create my own characters at some point – although I’m not sure I’d follow this exact style.

This is likely my last post of 2014, so, happy new year!

EDIT: Updated with scanned image!

2 thoughts on “Preston Blair Facial Expressions

  1. Those are cool! I don’t know about Preston Blair but I’ll sure put it on my list of artsy things to discover for this year. I too appreciate those type of characters (comic strips, cartoonish, animation) and realized last year that there is actually an awful lot of skills required behind the scene to produce those nice characters & pictures. Keep at it, you’ll get there.And before I go…..
    Happy New Year!


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