Side View of Skeleton

Side View of Skeleton, 12.2.14

Side View of Skeleton, 12.2.14

Drawing #3 in my skeleton drawings from Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist.  I started this one on Thanksgiving Day (11.27.14) but didn’t finish it until this morning.

I tried to do a bit more shading than I have been lately, although I’m not sure it’s that important for these drawings.  I didn’t quite finish, so that’s why the rib cage is a bit darker than other parts of the skeleton.  I also rushed on the foot a little bit…

Like I said before, I think I still need to study proportions more.  This doesn’t look terrible to my eye, but I have a feeling I’m a bit off.  I think my arm might be too long, and maybe my legs too short?  I can’t help but feel the neck might be too long as well.

I’m not sure what I’ll move onto next – maybe more from this book, but also Loomis.  I’ll probably try to do some more (non-human/animal) life drawing rather than only focusing on anatomy, too.


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