Back of skeleton

Skeleton drawing, 11.24.14

Skeleton drawing, 11.24.14

Ok, I didn’t quite finish the other skeleton drawing from the other day.  I worked on it a bit more, but not enough for me to post another image of it.

So, today during my lunch break I had one of my smaller sketchbooks with me & started drawing the back view of the skeleton from my Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist book.  Again, this is another unfinished drawing done with a 4H pencil – I darkened it slightly in Photoshop so the lines are more visible – I quickly outlined it in 2B so it would scan better.

I think my proportions are off, so maybe I’ll take a look at Loomis or Bridgman next for a better idea on how to go about that process a little better.  Still, I think this is helpful so far – getting an idea of the structure underneath the skin.  Hopefully in time I’ll be able to put it to practical use.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a different kind of post, though!  I’m heading out to one of those paint & sip events tonight, so if I can figure out how to get a good photo of it, you’ll be seeing my first painting in ages tomorrow!


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