Trying to learn human anatomy!

Drawing of a skeleton

Drawing of a skeleton, 11.19.14

One thing that I really need to (and want to) improve on is my general understanding of anatomy and drawing the human figure.  So with that in mind, I went out and got some books.  Right now I’m working from Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck, which I found a used copy of recently.

I really have no idea how to study anatomy from a book like this, so for now, I think I’ll just try and draw what’s shown in the book.  Last night I started drawing a skeleton from the early pages in the book, but didn’t get to finish it yet – maybe I will today and post a finished version tomorrow, or I’ll just start on something else.  I apologize for how light the lines are – I was drawing with a 2H pencil, I think, kind of lightly – I darkened it slightly in Photoshop so it would show up a little better.

I guess I’ll try and get an understanding of the basic structure of the human body, starting with the bones and then moving on to the muscles and such.  I also have Andrew Loomis’ Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth and Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing From Life by George Bridgman to work from.  One thing I’m not noticing in the Atlas is proportions, so I think I might refer to the other two books as well for that kind of stuff.

Anyway, look forward to watching me struggle with basic anatomy in future posts!


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