Hohner Harmonica

Drawing of Hohner Harmonica, 11.2.14

Harmonica drawing, 11.2.14

This is a drawing from 11.2.14 of a Hohner Marine Band Tremolo harmonica (World War I era, from what I’m told).  Took me a lot longer than usual.  There was some detail involved in doing this, and I just couldn’t sit for the entire length of time required to do the drawing (patience & motivation have been problems for me lately).  So I probably did this over the course of a few hours, but in all, maybe it took an hour.

This turned out better than I expected…  it might be my favorite that I’ve posted so far.  I think the holes turned out pretty well (although I wish I could have depicted the broken holes a little better).  I also like the raised metal parts , particularly the two “MH” ones.

I made more of an effort on the lettering on this one than on the remote control, although I don’t know that I did a great job on making the lettering look like it’s raised (“Marine Band Tremolo”), and “Made in Germany” is also supposed to be raised, but it was so small at that point I didn’t bother trying.  I also skipped the faded, carved lettering/imagery on either ends of the wood.  It was hard to see, anyway.

What else?  I’m not crazy about how I’ve been shading metal (same with the fork) – or shading in general.  Some of it I’m pleased with, but some of it just doesn’t look right, particularly the part on top, above the lettering – I wasn’t sure how to get it right. I wanted to make the wood look more aged.  It’s an old harmonica and a lot of the wood has rubbed off, but I didn’t do a great job showing that.

Also, I think I need to have more values in the drawing – especially some more white, rather than feeling the need to have a slight shade to everything.

Still, I feel better about it than I do the others, I think.


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